Instant Experts

Some clients want me to ‘spin’ one or two articles into new content for them.

Some clients want to give me the research and have me craft a narrative.

Some clients want to give me the title, and have me fill in the details.

Some clients want me to do it all.

This means that sometimes I have a very short deadline to become an authority on a subject. Which is usually fine; a spot of reading around the subject, or looking on YouTube will bring up enough information to blag your way on most topics.

Doing research usually brings up other ideas for articles. As you’re reading you think, ‘I’d really like a few thousand words more to talk about this,’ or ‘But if that’s true then what about….’ That’s why it’s great when you have an ongoing relationship with a client and produce regular content. I like to be able to watch the news and see something and think, ‘Perfect! I can write about that for my client this week.’ It means that I can gain a deeper understanding of the subject area, so I’m not blagging. I’m genuinely adding to the conversation and creating great quality content.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want a one-off blog post? I’m happy to do that but really, I prefer to become a real expert, not an instant one.

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