In my last article about writer’s block, I talked about how my ideas for stories or articles sometimes need a little time to take shape in my head. Once they do? I can start writing. And that’s true when I’m writing from experience because then I have a story to tell and the structure of … Continue reading Structure

Writer’s Block

I used to think of writer’s block as a dearth of ideas. Lack of ideas is not something that I’ve ever experienced; in fact, my usual problem is deciding which idea I should focus on next. The best description I ever had of my brain was a thousand browser windows open at once. Fortunately, I … Continue reading Writer’s Block


I don’t usually put much store by the changing of the calendar year. For me, years pass by in seasons. I love watching the seasons slowly merge from one to another. I’m looking forward to the bite of winter leaving the air and welcoming the first fresh green of Spring.Months? They’re for invoicing purposes only. … Continue reading 2018