I Mean Business

Well, would you look at that! I’ve only gone and got myself shortlisted for a York Women Mean Business award! The results are announced at a celebration meal in November, so until then, I’ll bask in the bliss of the possibility of grabbing a trophy.


This was a self-nominated award; anyone who is a member of the York Women Mean Business! Facebook group could submit an application. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have high hopes when I filled it in because I was in the ‘Business Support’ category and I know there are some incredibly talented and successful women who would have come in alongside. I suppose that something I said must have resonated with the judges, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

Since going Freelance after many years of stable employment, it’s been a roller coaster. It’s a bit step to put all your faith in yourself and your abilities, and go out into the world with hope and expectation. I have to say, though, that I’ve been blown away by the support and encouragement I’ve received from friends, family, other freelancers, and clients.

I don’t expect to come home with that award, but oh my! It is nice to have been seriously considered.

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