I don’t usually put much store by the changing of the calendar year. For me, years pass by in seasons. I love watching the seasons slowly merge from one to another. I’m looking forward to the bite of winter leaving the air and welcoming the first fresh green of Spring.Months? They’re for invoicing purposes only.

But this year is a little different. I started 2017 anticipating the publication of Alfie Slider vs the Shape Shifter and a year spent working as an author. Then life did what it does, and threw me a curveball.

2017 was one of those transformative years. You know the ones, where you feel like you’ve been back into the forge and come out stronger. January the 1st 2018, felt like the day that I could emerge, phoenix-like, and begin to soar.

But January the 1st isn’t really the best day for that. With two kids at home for the Christmas holidays, and being a bank holiday, I had to wait until today to actually get some work done. I hit my first deadline of 2018 I had a great time writing the article. Quite simply, I love what I do.

January has some great opportunities for me. I’ll be starting work for a new client, writing bids. I’ve got meetings with some others. And of course, I’ll still be writing for all my current clients. Expect more blog posts soon, and hopefully some updates on grant applications for some of the wonderful projects I worked on in 2017.

Fiction hasn’t stopped, either. I’m still working on my MA, which includes my first ever ‘grown-up’ book (I say grown-up because adult novels are something else entirely!) And I’m working on getting Alfie Slider and the Frozen Prince published.

How do I feel about 2018, on the whole? Well, enthusiastic, of course 🙂

Happy New Year!

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