Master of Creative Writing

I’ve just had an email from the Open University to confirm that I have been awarded an MA in Creative Writing. That means a lot to me; there were many obstacles to overcome over the two years of study; but what does it mean to you, my clients and potential clients?

Most people are capable of putting together a written message. Writing and spelling are amongst the first things we’re taught, even before formal schooling. Once you’re in the school and work system, writing is an everyday occurrence. Essays, Memos, emails, text messages. We all write, all the time.

So what’s the difference between a regular writer and a ‘Master’? Well, there’s the commitment to excellence. An MA course is demanding. ‘Good enough’ isn’t good enough, you’re aiming for mastery, not adequacy.

And then there’s the depth of study. I can’t say there was a single ‘Eureka’ moment where I learned a new technique that transformed my writing, but there were a lot of, ‘Ah!’ moments where I learned that something I was doing naturally was a technique which had a name.

Doing my MA hasn’t really changed my writing process. From talking to other writers I think I’m incredibly fortunate to be a bit like a tap, if I sit down with an idea in my head and my fingers on the keyboard then content flows. It still does, but I’m less likely to get things wrong on the first pass, now.

My editing process has changed a lot, though. When I read through something I’ve written, I can see why something isn’t working. Or identify areas that could be improved – and I know which techniques to reach for, to make that happen.

So, you’ll still get the same unbridled enthusiasm for your business coming through in my writing, but it now comes with a new confidence. And if you want my help to work out why your copy isn’t converting customers, or you need someone to edit your eBook, you know that you’re getting a pair of eyes that are used to critically analysing the written word.

I was warned by a former MA student that studying at masters level would ruin reading for me. That pulling back the curtain would reveal the Great and Powerful Oz was just an old man. I’m delighted to say that for me, that’s not true.

Words have always been magical to me. I hoard them like a dragon does gold. Spending my days writing is a genuine gift, I am still thrilled to spend hours at a time playing with words and rearranging them so they help others achieve the things they want to, whether that is getting a message across, or landing a big contract.

And for you, you know that you’re getting a highly skilled and experienced writer. You’re hiring a natural communicator who has honed their abilities with hard work. A natural talent, reinforced by postgraduate level learning.

I’m proud of myself for getting an MA in Creative Fiction. I can already see the benefits in the work I’ve been doing for clients – if you’d like to see those benefits too, then browse my portfolio or get in touch to see how I can help you.

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